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How to fix the insurance issue

I have many times complained about the lack of a good insurance and how the republicans chewed up the Affordable Care Act and spit out a lame attempt to shut it down. Here’s my take on how to fix this.

Make insurers cover everything (except cosmetic surgeries) with an 80/20 split and then end the laws that prevent people from being denied medical coverage if they do not have insurance. Fix is simple. No insurance no medical treatment. It sounds cruel but think about this. If someone says I don’t need insurance because I am heathy and it is a financial burden I do not need, they are lying to them selves and anyone who believes them. How many of you have planned an accident that landed you in the ER or worse yet admitted to the hospital? I know I never have. Dislocated shoulder? Nope didn’t plan that one out. Getting hit by a resident at work and sent to hospital for a bite or stitches? Nope that one wasn’t planned either. With incentive like this, who would not get insured? Why would someone risk falling off a ladder and being laid up for months only to never walk again because they decided to forgo getting health insurance hence the leg was never set right. I’m not saying to be mean and cost someone their life because they aren’t covered but make the option of not carrying any more unappealing than it is now. I know people right now who complain and moan about having to carry insurance because they are fit and heathy with no major heath problems and so they don’t need it. It cost too much. Well if everyone carried the insurance premiums instead of only those who really need it the cost would be so much lower. Do the math on this issue. I carry insurance that has a say $300 a month premium. The pay out for my medicine is $450 a month. Add in a doctor visit and the insurance company is losing money. Now picture that you have 10 people paying that $300 dollar premium and only two of us use it on a regular monthly basis. Now the insurance company is bringing in $3000 a month and only paying out $900 Face it, everyone will at some time, for some reason need that insurance. Too much time in the sun? Skin cancer. Playing football with the kids or your bros? Broken leg or messed up knee. Slip on the ice in winter? Back surgery to fix that pesky disc. I had a friend who kept saying he couldn’t afford the insurance his employer offered. He was heathy until he started having problems walking. He wanted to go to the doctor and get checked out but without insurance the $30 copay was now a $100+ bill. By the time he finally could no longer walk or even sit well he bit the bullet and had a CAT scan done and found the worse possible news. He had stage 4 cancer. It had started somewhere and gotten into his bones and worst of all his spine. He lived in agony for many months until God took him home. If he had been able to get insurance he might still be alive. Not getting checked out until it was too late maybe cost him his life. Moral of the story, Just because you feel fine today does not mean it will last until tomorrow.

Another trick in the lawmaker’s bag could be to remove medical bills from being covered by bankruptcy. Go ahead and file. We will still get that $100,000 bill from your heart surgery after the attack. Running did you no good that day. Think of that $100,000 and only paying 20% of it. $20,000. Is anyone from congress reading this post?