Eating too much? Says who?

Shortly after starting to see an endocrinologist many years ago I was told something that blew my mind. “You eat way too much.” He had me writing down everything I ate to get a good sense on how much insulin to give me. The list blew HIS mind away. Looking back at it now it was a lot but I also worked every bit of it back off. Over 10 years or so I only bounced up and down no more than 5 pounds from 220. That also sounds heavy until you factor in the muscle I had packed on. NO I do not look like Arnold, well maybe more Palmer more than Schwarzenegger, but I was very strong and well muscled under that pesky layer of fat. In High school I had a 34 inch waist and 28 inch thighs. Now I have a 36 inch waist and a spare truck tire, semi not pickup. My new doctor keeps  asking me if I am counting properly and even sent me to a refresher course in counting carbs. I am counting it right, teacher said so. Today my biggest problem is eating to fix lows.

Here is a break down of my day. Remember I work nights so the times and meals names are little out of synch. I get up at 6:30 PM and fix breakfast (supper for you day walkers). Usually it’s roughly 70 to 80 grams of carbs. I never count calories because that will make me fat just thinking about it all. After arriving at work my first break is at 11:30 PM and I used to take insulin to bring down my sugar level now I am getting a sugar pop which is about 44-45 grams. My sugar is not low it has been about 120-160 most days but I know from history it won’t stay there. I feel it drop somewhere around 1:30 AM and then start drinking the soda. At 2:30 AM we eat lunch and the blood sugar is now about 130-140. Lunch at 2:30 AM is about 86 grams of carbs. We are now at better than 200 grams for the day. At 4:00 AM we have our next break and again blood sugar is checked, 120-140 again, and I grab another juice soda, 44 grams. When I get off work the machine sees me once again before I drive home. This is another 44 grams. If you’ve been keeping up with this ever growing total we are now at 298. But wait there is more, once home I grab a bowl of corn chips 36 and then a Big Stars Bar, love these things, for another 12. A glass of milk for another 12 and we reach 358. Supper which is just a normal breakfast gives me 45 grams and some odds and ends carbs until 12 PM noon will top out at nearly 433 grams in one day.

The last bit before sleeping is paranoia. I don’t think my blood sugar is out to make me crash. I know it is, I hear it whispering in the back of my mind. Nobody here is a psychologist right? If so my other personality is Harold and you need to quit reading my blogs. Considering through out the night my sugar is almost dead on correct after eating so many carbs I can only think my long term insulin is to blame and needs some butt kicking to get it into shape. At my heaviest I was 260 mooing pounds and now am back down to 245-250 even with all these extra carbs. Just think of how slim and sexy I would be with it all under control. My girlfriend would feel so much safer lying next to me on the bed at night. Am I eating too much? I say yes with a caveat, I eat that much to keep from meeting the EMS guys again. It is sad when you know them and they know you on a first name basis. I swear there for a while they had my house logged into the GPS in the ambulance. It has been long enough for them to have forgotten me now. At least I didn’t get any Christmas card last year. Bob who?

The amount you eat depends on many things including gender, age, and mostly activity level. The more you work, the more you get to eat. Body build is also important as muscle burns more energy than fat. I really do miss working out in the morning with the heavy weights and being fairly  well built. Hang on I have to wipe a tear of the keyboard before I get electrocuted. It really does bug me to see where I am at now compared to where I was years ago. I don’t care that I am 46 now instead of 26 or even 36. At 36 I was lifting heavier than I did in high school, 300 bench vs 275 bench. I know there are people who will strangle me for saying this but age can go on a long walk off a short pier. It is only a number of year experience you have on earth. You are as old as you feel. Wait I’m 3 again, never mind that was feel not act. I want to be strong and in shape again. OK time to go now. I need to go do some sit ups or push ups or chin ups or some kind of ups.


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